Discover the Region of Calabria in Southern Italy


The Region of Calabria in Southern Italy is a truly beautiful and unspoilt Region lapped by the turquoise Mediterranean Sea. Easily recognizable, forming the toe of the Italian boot, it has over 800 kilometers of coastline and is known as one of the least unexplored gems in Southern Italy. New connecting flights have made this region more accessible with an influx of Tourism from all over the world in the recent years. However Calabria still retains its Historical roots evident in many of the old towns, castles and historic monuments. The coastline is one of the biggest draws with miles upon miles of pristine beaches and hidden coves. Inland is a beautiful contrast to the beach landscapes, this is where it turns to mountainous terrain, national parks and even ski resorts nested high up in the hills.

Why Visit this region of Southern Italy?

Being such a warm and sunny region, Calabria has many Hotels, Resorts, B&B’s, Agriturismo’s and places to stay all year round. However during the Summer months it can sometimes be quite difficult to find a Hotel as the main holidaymakers are the Italians themselves who flock to Calabria for their Holidays. If you are looking for a perfect vacanze in Calabria which translates to finding your perfect Holiday in Calabria then click above.

With so much coastline Calabria has hundreds of beautiful pristine stretches of beaches. Some of the best know can be found at Tropea, Capo Vaticano, Pizzo, Reggio on the West Coast, and on the East Coast, Le Castella, Capo Rizzutto, Ciro, Soverato to name just a few.

The ancient churches and castles show us such a rich and diverse heritage dating bakc thousands of years. The first tribes that settled here spoke Oscan, a language of Italic family. They included Oenotri, possibly who cultivated vines and the tribe called Itali. In later days, Itali came in contact with the Greeks and the modern day Italy got its name.

The Greeks conquered this region and settled here in a huge number. Rhegion which is present day Reggio Calabria and the provinces of Crotone and Locri were regarded as the integrated part of Magna Graecia in and around 5-6 BC. The Oscan tribes hailing from the north conquering the Greek settlements. Along with them came Lucanians. A small branch of these Lucanians established the cities that are regarded as the main cities of the of this region until today. These cities included Cosenza and Catanzaro.

After Roman power declined, people were compelled to shift more inland creating what is now some very old inland towns and villages. From the Middle Ages to 15th century the inland towns helped stop raids by the pirates. Under the Normans in the 1060s, Calabria which was the border between Byzantine Empire and the emirs of Arab in Sicily, got an official borderland and government. This is when the local influential Greek people started to run the region. Since then this area has undergone many changes and many conquerors have come and gone.

Even till today, Southern Italy especially Calabria has remained a relatively undiscovered part of Europe. However now there has been a large amount of interest in the area  and is  attracting holidaymakers and people looking for historical Italian Culture and good weather.

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