Gerace is one of the most famous medieval historic cities in southern Italy, known to many as the Florence of the South. Dating back thousands of years and perched on top of a rocky hill, the men he views stretch endlessly endlessly over beautiful I only and post by. The historic town itself is carved into the rock that stands upon. The streets are lined with cobblestones with interval old stone houses on either side. The original town is believed to date back to the Neolithic period, although it was the 6th century AD that it started to hold more significant importance. In the 10th century A.D. it is believed the castle on the hillside at the top was built.

Walking around the town is best to start at the Castle at the top and wander down the winding cobbled streets finding many churches and historic buildings on the way. The main church in the centre is a landmark not to be missed and it is possible to wander inside for a small donation. When entering the church is possible to see many of the nation ancient artifacts that are on display. It is then possible to go on some steps to the main church itself which is enormous and breathtaking.

Because of its beauty there are many weddings take place in all year round and visiting when there is a wedding on it is possible to sit in the main square and what is the festivities happening whilst sitting having a coffee.

Gerace is somewhere that not many people know about or visit from outside of Italy. Although about an hour away from the airport also Reggio Calabria airport about 5 km inland from the library it is well worth the visit to see such a fantastic historic Italian village. If travelling there it is well worth popping into the museum in Locri and take a walk around the grounds of the ancient Greek city, amphitheatres and many other ancient structures.

Gerace is a must see location for those who are interested in historic architecture and history.

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  1. Having just returned from our tour of Gerace I would say it is well worth visiting the Church in the main square. This is a beautiful little town off the beaten track of many of the other attractions. Well worth the visit.

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