Wine in Calabria is abundant with many wine producers and Vineyards. However a large proportion of wine that is made, is made by individuals or families who make their own wine. Originally this part of the country was referred as Enotria or “Land of wine”. With different indigenous delicacies and wines to go with the meal, people here are known to be Epicurean. Wine is the most popular drink in Calabria both from consumption and production point of view. We will discuss here about the different types of wine in Calabria.


Though Calabrian wines are not very popular outside Italy, yet in the country they are very popular and well known. Almost 90% of the wines produced in Calabria is red wine. And rest is white wine. About 60,000acres of land has been dedicated to grapevines. Every year it grows about 12 further DOC of wine. DOC stands for Denominazione di Originalle Controllata. As per Italian law introduced in 1963, there are some regulations concerning the soil of the vineyard, their arrangements, quality of the grapes and blend, procedures of cultivation, vinification, span of maturation and other details. This is to ensure that the quality of bottled wine is maintained.

Types of Calabrian Wines

There are two types of grapes that dominate the wines of Calabria- Gaglioppo which is used in red wines and Greco in white wines. Ciro is regarded as the best wine of the region. It can be availed in all three forms- red, rose and white. It is produced in low hills along the coastline of Ionian Sea between the cities of Crotone and Sibari. Ciro is the also one of the oldest wines that was enjoyed during the Olympiads where winners used to celebrate their victory with Ciro wine.
Greco De Bianco is another famous wine made with grapes of same name and produced in Bianco region. It is popular as dessert wine and is made of rare grapes. Montanico de Bianco is also very popular wine with a tinge of citrus flavor and taste of almonds and tastes like Sherry.

However due to the many different types of climate and grapes there are a multitude of different varieties with the most popular being “della casa” or house wine which is normally locally produced and very pleasant to drink.

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